Woah music. Yeah music. Music is life. If I could spend all my money on CDs I would and I probably do but oh well. Especially now, the year 2001 finally brought along some good stuff that was able to push all that Britney crap out of my head. So this is where I would put up a selection of tunes I groove to each week. I love this page.


1. Strokes - Is This it
I know everyone is placing this as top album of the year and for good reason. Don't diss till you hear it. It's excellent when you play it superloud and jump up and down on your bed doing air guitar. Nothing compares, at least for the next 40 minutes.

2. Stephen Maulkmus - Stephen Maulkmus

3. Fugazi - The Argument

4. Ben Kweller - Phone Home
Not exactly an album, a mini-album, an EP. Because I like Beck and Ben Lee there was no doubt that I would like Ben Kweller. This caption for Ben Kwller is in no way HELPFUL. sorry. Just buy it.

5. Daft Punk - Discovery

6. Moldy Peaches - Moldy Peaches
I think people take music too seriously sometimes and it sucks. Not to say that Moldy Peaches are not a serious band - they are. But face it you have to have a sense of humor to title a song "who's got the crack"

7. Avalanches - Since I Left You

8. Bullfrog - Bullfrog
Always a fan of kid koala and ALWAYS missing Bullfrog performances by "that much" ... this album is crazy and i love it!

9. Death Cab for Cutie - Photo Album
Dplan and death cab tour - wowza. (have i said this before?)