December 29, 2001
(please excuse the mess...maybe some broken links, grammatical errors, stupid sentences here and there...this is all very new! and of course only works in IE and at 1024x768 - I know, I'm an elitist!)

Added something up in experimental, go check it out.

Also made some changed in my music section. What was I thinking leaving Fugazi out?!

I think being at home is getting to me. again. My sister and I had a 5 minute conversation involving the pooping abilities of our dog. It got quite ugly actually.

Movies watched so far: Crazy/Beautiful, Wonder Boys (I heart Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, AND Robert Downey Jr.), Unbreakable, Seven, and Almost Famous.

Now must lay off the mouse-clicking action or will develop carpel tunnel too soon ... too soon. happy new years.

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