January 5, 2002
(please excuse the mess...maybe some broken links, grammatical errors, stupid sentences here and there...this is all very new! and of course only works in IE and at 1024x768 - I know, I'm an elitist!)

A page from my sketchbook

I forgot to mention that the fonts used here are all from Divided By Zero fonts. lovely!

This break from school has been fantastic. Being away from the humdrum that is where I usually am for the year has rejuvenated me. Blasted, now must go back in a week. Oh well. Will enjoy the time I have. May go out to see the Arsonists at the Knitting Factory or to do a complete 180 with something free and nasty at Arlene's Grocery. The show at the Apollo Theater was nice. A good way to spend one of two last days in 2001. The Strokes were the same ole same ole though got to hand it to the lead singer for giving out the middle finger like candy and still be able to sing on beat while drunk and unable to get off the audience floor. well done! GBV was awesome! Bob Pollard is a funny old man, especially when he does those high-kicks. Hmmmmm.

The Royal Tenenbaums is probably one of my fave movies of this year. I love dark comedies and the soundtrack is killer. Just, um, buy the albums to the artists instead. k?

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