Thanks for visiting this site! This all started several years ago in my high school years when I hada bit more time to spare. I never updated per se but whenever I had new photographs on hand I would always redesign my site with the new pictures. I only churned out 2 editions in high school and when I got to college never had the timeto do much of anything really. It isn't until now with the new year that I'm able to spring life back into somethingignored for too long.

I'm not a professional. People don't pay me to take pictures. I've never made money off of them...except I came close when some girl wanted a photo but I got confused and like, it never happened...I'm not really a professional in any sense. I only do web design stuff for my photos. I only got a scanner for my photos. I only drain my life savings, well, you get it. I likedoing this. A lot. My photographs are not "magnificent" but it brings me joy to be in the darkroom and produce something youcan hold in your hand. It always makes me pretty happy if others see my work just because it tells them moreabout me and where I am (in this world) then what I can put into words. It also tells me more about me which is a very corny comment but damn ifit gets me back on track with who I really am.

So look around, glance through some very old and new stuff, tell me what you think.

ok, so give us the stats.Betty Kim. Age 20. Birthday is April 21, 1981. I am a Taurus but I'm on the Aries/Taurus cusp and this totally explains everything.

where were you born?I was born in Queens in a great neighborhood, 5 minutes away from the Green Acres Mall. I went to catholic school then public school.In 7th grade I went to Hunter College High School in NYC. That was the greatest year. Then we moved to Long Island after 7th grade.

where are you now?now? Now I spend most of my time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I go to college there, specifically at CMU. It's pretty nice here. I wouldn't be surprised ifI moved here when I am older.

so what do you do exactly.I do a lot of things. I'm studying Policy and Management. Lots of people ask me what that isand I can't really say for sure...not that I don't know it's just what you do with it. I'm notcertain about that part yet. I definitely know it's way better then my first major but I won't get into that.I'm also pursuing a couple of minors. I can say that because it's easier to start them but to finish them - we'll see.

For fun, I do a lot of different things. Bowling, dancing, eating, especially going to concerts. I'm pretty low maintenance. If you pop in a movie and bring over some canned pineapple I'm pretty happy.

any favorite books?I love reading so I'd say (for now): Naked by David Sedaris, Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, White Teeth by Zadie Smith, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

movies?Super hard. Hmmm...Bridget Jones Diary, Shakespeare in Love, American History X, Gods and Monsters. Good ones watched in 2001: Before Night Falls, Life as a House, The Lord of the Rings, The Anniversary Party, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Memento...I have a bad memory =(

what do you like to eat?Are you kidding me? Everything. especially Indian. yum.